Presenting 101


Would you like to join our conference, but are you unsure about the technical aspects of presenting your research? Below, you can find some useful tips and tricks on the how-to’s of presenting.

Stand-alone presentations

As a (former) language student, you have probably had many lectures and seminars on how to give excellent presentations. However, you might be new to the subgenre of conference presentations. The websites below can help you with creating your presentation and presenting it effectively.


Poster presentations

Just like stand-alone presentations, poster presentations are used to present your work to an interested audience. Whereas you as a researcher do most of the talking during a traditional presentation, poster presentations are more interactive in nature. They are the ideal format for researchers who do not yet have many results to share, but who are very much open to receiving feedback from peers.


The links belows refer you to some useful website all about creating and presenting posters.